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Scope of Works:

The project was undertaken within the confines of facility 14 the Explosive Storage Area (ESA) which is located in the North of the site and to the east of the Ammunitions Sub Depot. The site is currently used for the storage and processing of aircraft munitions such as Chaff and surface to air missiles.

Ammunition is stored in a mixture of methods, for example, on open storage pads surrounded by dual sloped “U” shaped earth traverses, in Freloc igloos surrounded by dual sloped “U” shaped traverses and in modified Freloc igloos covered with minimum 600 of earth cover.

The Freloc igloos have access doors at one end facing away from the traverse, the modified Freloc igloos have access from both ends.


The work involved medium scale earth movement by 30t articulated dumpers, loading of dumpers with 20t – 36t track excavators and compaction of earth on slopes by 19t Bomag roller and in narrow layers at height by plate compactor attachment fitted to excavator. The new traverses are to be constructed in the same manner as existing traverses.

The existing soil cover to the Igloos is removed and stockpiled in a pre-agreed location.

The existing surface of the concrete structure to be examined for any defects, these are then repaired by others with a suitable concrete repair material/method.

The waterproof layer was protected with 150mm of clean, rounded sand to prevent puncturing of the membrane by the subsequent fill material.

Site won crushed aggregate was graded to the natural angle of repose. The completed minimum cover to the structure being 600mm.

The top 100mm of fill was suitably graded, fine topsoil suitable for the application of grass seed, free of large stones and graded to a neat profile.

Other work included

Up grading of existing 38 & 28 tracks from crash gate 1 to start of floating road with imported Type 1 sub base.

Type 1 sub base will be imported by 4 x tipper Lorries, This material being spread and compacted by Komatsu 61px dozer & 219 Bomag roller. All pot holes were grubbed up before placing of imported stone.


M.O.D restrictions

Existing storage of hazardous materials, various grades of explosives and ammunitions stored in the area of the works, contaminated land and sudden noise from overhead flying aircraft or aircraft undertaking take-off or landing.


One of the biggest achievements was the logistic challenge to get all plant and equipment ready, transported and shipped to the Falkland’s, this took a great lot of planning in advance of the works and the plant and equipment was shipped out 6 weeks before operatives were sent out.

Successful excavation, handling, and storage of materials on site during Falkland’s winter.

Completion of contract in line with handover dates.

Project Details


Morrison Construction




April 2014 (22weeks)


Technical Referee: John Hammerton (operations director  international) Morrison Construction Ltd

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