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Dunbar Energy from Waste Facility

Overview – Initially contracted to construct 650m long access road into proposed Energy from Waste Facility. Works involved cut/fill of made ground (previous infilled quarry), lime improvement of embankment fill to engineers specification and stone import capping works. Follow on works consisted of cut/fill works for the building platform/piling mat works and the installation of 750mm imported stone piling mat.

Scope of Works, Achievements and Constraints

60,000m3 earthworks cut/fill with lime improvement to road embankment

  • 60,000m3 cut/fill within piling mat/platform works.
  • 30,000m3 of stone import to road capping and piling platforms
  • Dust suppression and surface water management

Project Details


Viridor / PC - Land Engineering




April 2014 (22weeks)


Referee: Senior Project Manager:  Joe Mclaughlin

Referee:  Commercial:  Danny McInnes 

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