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Muirdykes Water Treatment Works, Howwood


Overview –Phase 1 of the works involved the temporary excavation to allow the construction of a new water treatment building and the formation of a temporary access road for deliveries during construction stage. Phase 2 of the works (planned start, summer 2016) involves the up fill to surrounding area for proposed access roads for the development.


Scope of Works

Excavation of 10,000m3 of made ground within new water treatment building

Processing of the made ground to suitable Class1/6N for phase 2 works

Formation of new temporary access road using imported stone.

Formation of temporary haul road to access storage area

As this was a live Scottish water facility, there was a large number of existing underground utilities that required exposing using trained banksman and skilled operators

Contaminated material (High PCBs) were found during phase 1 works. This was classified as Hazardous waste and removed offsite under SEPA waste transfer guidelines, to a certified waste facility.





Project Details


Black and Veatch




October 2014 (12weeks)


Referee: Project: Kelton Bennett

Referee:  Commercial:  Emma Sangster 

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