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Ayr Road, Newton Mearns


Reduced level excavation/filling of existing greenbelt site for proposed housing development consisting of 44 units, infrastructure and environmental management.

Scope of Works, Achievements and Constraints

  • All works carried out as principle contractor.
  • Contractor design to manage environmental plan to ensure compliance with SEPA regulations.
  • Testing for suitability of soils for compliance with specification.
  • Handling peat off site.
  • Blasting existing rock outcrops within built up area.
  • Process crushing and using as podium fill
  • Construct phase 1&2 roads and drainage as part of the works.
  • 15,000m3 topsoil strip
  • 60,000m3 cut (rock blasted, process and use as fill)
  • 45,000m3 peat removal off site
  • Groundwork’s and drainage installation


Project Details


CALA Homes




May 2014 ( 38weeks)


Referee Project: Angus Murray   

Referee Commercial: Jamie Johnston

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