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Crushing & Quarrying

From large mutli-million tonne quarrying contracts to producing a few thousand tonnes every project requires a high level of planning and expertise for the best results. RJT  have experience of crushing and processing large and small volumes of material as varied as granite, limestone, sandstone, brick / concrete, field boulders and quarry waste. Whatever the job entails we will tailor costs effective solutions to suit the requirements of our customers.

Quality and Production

Our plant is under 3 years old the latest environmental and fuel efficient technology is fitted as standard. Production is always at the forefront of everybody’s priorities but at RJT this is tempered with the knowledge that the customer also wants a quality product in tolerance with the specified product split. We always put the customer first and adjust our settings and plant set ups to provide a best value for money option for our customers.

Overburden strips, Reinstatements & Plant hire

RJT have a long history and experience of carrying out quarry strips and reinstatement to a high standard including some in environmentally sensitive locations. Our extensive range of heavy plant coupled with our ground modeling and land surveying capabilities allows us to provide early cost reports and a consultation service to allow client based design options and cost profiling. We will also provide operated and un-operated plant hire with supervised plant hire if required.

Civil Engineering and Utilities

RJT are also experienced in all aspects of civil engineering; water main installation and services, foundations, concrete works, drainage, hardstandings, access roads, settlement lagoons and conveyor belt removal and installation. We can undertake these associated tasks in conjunction with our Quarrying operations.


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